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EURES facilitates networking opportunities for screenwriters

EURES Culture Media Sweden has been busy helping artists across the country, and has recently been focusing on Swedish screenwriters.
As part of its efforts to increase mobility within the cultural labour market, EURES Culture Media Sweden arranged a recruitment meeting for 22 Swedish screenwriters in Berlin. With help from Marika Lagercrantz, the Swedish culture attaché, and the Swedish Embassy in Germany, six TV and film production companies signed up to attend the event.
EURES Adviser Wanna Spiridonidou explains the initial reservations about organising such an event: “EURES Culture Media felt there was a need to arrange a recruitment meeting for screenwriters even if the idea sounded very far-fetched; after all, you do not usually find vacancies for screenwriters in the jobs database.”
To select the screenwriters, EURES put out an advert in Sweden during March and April asking for applications from those who would like to attend the meeting. This received a good response: in total there were 60 applications of which 22 were then selected.
A preliminary meeting with the participants detailed who the production companies were, and how the pitch to the companies would be organised. Wanna explains: “Every screenwriter had 10 minutes to present an idea for a film- and/or TV- production. In the end many candidates also had a film-clip or a PowerPoint presentation to show.”
The meeting with the production companies was a great success. At the end of the day there was even a chance to network with the companies, giving the screenwriters the opportunity to make direct contact with the producers. Wanna said: “We showed that the public employment service and EURES can work together with different professions, even those where there might be language and culture barriers such as screenwriters.”
Therese Bringholm is one candidate who benefited from the meeting, having begun to work with a German film company: “I had a meeting with a German producer about a TV series that I’m working on. The German company is now interested in collaboration.”
Wanna has been very pleased with the outcome of the meetings, with others already planned: “The recruitment meeting made it possible for this jobseeker to find a job.” Now there have been two more meetings, and two other screenwriters have met with other producers, but the outcome is not yet known!”
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