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Moderating online content in Malta

Offered the chance to move from chilly Norway to sunny Malta last autumn, Ole André Andersen was quick to say yes. The young man had little work experience, but is now a key member of an international business support centre that relies on skilled and multilingual teams for online content management.
After high school and a short internship in his home country, Ole was struggling to find a steady job. So he approached Melanie Hill, a EURES Adviser in the central county of Nord-Trøndelag, Norway for advice.
“She suggested that I apply for a post that urgently needed filling in Malta,” he says. “I never expected to get it, so I was quite surprised when the company’s agent e-mailed me with a job offer.”
Soon afterwards, Ole was on a plane bound for Malta, where he now works full-time for Besedo. The Swedish company, which has several international offices – including one near the Maltese capital of Valletta, is responsible for managing websites’ user-generated content.
Screening web content
 “I’m in a team of seven that review classified advertisements on, Norway’s largest site in this field,” says Ole. “I also have side assignments, such as moderating Facebook pages.”
He acknowledged that his daily tasks can be slightly repetitive, but says there are plenty of upsides to his new life and location: “I get to work with a team of fantastic people. Malta is beautiful and I’ve had no problems integrating here.”
Melanie Hill recalls Ole’s recruitment process: “The local public employment service and case worker did an outstanding job in smoothing away obstacles – financial and otherwise – to his moving abroad at such short notice. We also gave Olé a checklist of things he should do on arrival in Malta, and general information on what to do there.”
In April 2013, this EURES process was repeated, when Espen Ostvold – also from the region of Trøndelag– joined his friend Ole as an employee at Besedo in Malta.
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