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Spanish medical doctors to heal Swedish wounds

In order to meet the increased demand in the Swedish healthcare sector, three Swedish employers went to Valencia, Spain, in order to recruit what is among Europe’s most sought after resource: medical doctors.
It was not the first time that EURES has acted as a bridge between Swedish healthcare employers and Spanish doctors. A similar case of recruitment took place in October 2012 in Madrid and 23 candidates were recruited. This time, in April 2013 in Valencia, the employers had pre-selected 47 candidates for interviews.
Two of these highly sought-after doctors were Jose Francisco Munot and Olga Romero Seville – a married couple, both of them doctors. “We would like to improve our job opportunities, grow professionally and provide a good education for our children. Sweden seems to offer all that,” explains Olga pointing to her pregnant belly. 
Working as a doctor in another country comes with challenges. Apart from the obvious obstacle of language, you also need to adapt to a new working culture. “In Sweden a doctor has around 30 minutes with each patient, which differs a lot from Spain. He or she needs to adapt to a less hierarchical structure where the doctor is a part of a team together with nurses and other specialist staff. Another difference is that we have a goal to treat 80 % of our clients, and only refer 20 % to other doctors, so you need to have multiple competences,” according to Stefan Hjelm, Human Resources Consultant at the County Council of Värmland.
Recruiting abroad could also entail extra responsibilities for the employer: “As an employer you recruit not only a new member of staff, but often a whole family. We help with housing, childcare and all the paperwork,” explains Michael Zijp, HR Specialist from the Västra Götaland Region.
The event was part of an ongoing “permanent bridge of cooperation” between EURES Spain and EURES in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway), where EURES stands ready to assist any employer in any sector who wishes to hire high- or low-skilled personnel.
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