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Hotel turns to EURES to find multilingual staff

The Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel in Germany knows who to contact when there is a shortage of skilled jobseekers. Cooperating regularly with EURES, in October 2012 the hotel chain successfully recruited three qualified jobseekers from Romania and one from Greece.
Susanne Halbroth, Human Resources Manager at Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel, sees many advantages in cooperating with EURES. “There is a shortage of candidates with certain skills in Germany and, when that happens, we decide to recruit abroad using the EURES network,” she explains.
But it is also an opportunity to add a multicultural “flavour” to the hotel’s work environment. “Sheraton is an international company and this particular hotel is located at the airport, welcoming guests from all around the world. It’s an advantage to have employees from different nationalities, not only because they speak several languages, but also because it creates a multicultural environment that makes our guests feel more comfortable,” says Susanne.
On the hunt for highly qualified employees
EURES Adviser Lena Kocanis had just interviewed a number of highly qualified young applicants in Bulgaria, when the German Federal Employment Agency in Frankfurt received the request from Sheraton and got in contact. Having a number of suitable applications in the system, Lena was able to react quickly on the job offers that were forwarded to her: “Within a few weeks, both employer and jobseekers received an answer to their requests. In the following two days, we sent a ‘package’ of applications to Sheraton,” she explains.
Having found a number of highly qualified candidates through EURES, Sheraton decided to hire four jobseekers for front-office positions. “It has been a successful cooperation for the way it works, but especially because of the quality of applicants. Last year’s experience was extremely positive, as candidates were always willing to respond on time, provide requested documents rapidly and were very disciplined,” Susanne concludes, and points out: “The current situation in some European countries is sad but it helps us to cover the momentary lack of suitable candidates on the German job market”.
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