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A Frenchman goes East

Sébastien Langui, from France, was looking for a job and had a clear plan in mind as to where he wanted to head next: anywhere in eastern Europe! With an MBA in Business Intelligence under his belt, he turned to EURES and managed to secure a job at a biotechnology company in Estonia.
“I’d previously been in Estonia for one year to complete my Master’s degree. It was great! I was able to discover a new culture, language and make new friends. I went there again after I had finished my MBA to explore the labour market and got in contact with EURES Adviser Piret Ustav,” explains Sébastien.
This was the beginning of a journey that would take him to Solis BioDyne – a company based in Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia. After graduating from EM Strasbourg Business School in his native France, Sébastien worked as a credit analyst. But the world of finance was still “shaking” after the crisis of 2006 and he felt compelled to further his studies once again. “I chose to specialise in Business Intelligence and did an MBA at the European School of Business Intelligence and ISC Paris,” he says.
Taking the initiative
Actively looking for an international business job contract, he made an appointment with an international adviser at Pôle Emploi (the French public employment service), who first referred him to EURES. In July 2012, he flew to Estonia to re-discover the country, explore some opportunities on the labour market and attend interviews.
“I got in contact with the Piret Ustav through the [EURES] website. It’s extremely easy as you can select the country and quickly find a selection of useful contacts. EURES Advisers are there to help people who want to work abroad and we should hear more about it in France. It’s worth it,” he asserts.
At the same time, he found out that an Estonian company was hoping to hire a jobseeker who could manage its business in the French-speaking market. He attended an interview and did not have to wait long for an answer. The company, Solis BioDyne, made him an offer and the response from Sébastien was immediate. “I didn’t think twice and jumped on the offer,” he says, after having been involved in a number of recruitment processes during this period.
 “The working atmosphere is very friendly and, as I work among an international team, I’m able to speak English with my colleagues,” he says.
Indeed, that is not the only benefit to living in Estonia that Sébastien has found. He likes the fact that young people and personal initiative are encouraged, he says, and also appreciates Estonia’s advanced technology – including widespread Wi-Fi and 4G coverage – as well as the weather (even if it’s cold and snowy) and the country’s cuisine.
“After two and a half months here, I’m doing reasonably well in everyday life. I understand the Estonian better, I take part in various activities such as Estonian folk dance, and I’ve made many friends. So I’d definitely recommend Estonia as a good destination to start your professional career,” he enthuses.
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