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EURES finds the perfect match

Adrienn Szalai from Miskolc, Hungary, was surfing the Internet to look for seasonal work in Austria when she found out what EURES could offer. Before long she was over 700 kilometres away in Salzburg taking up a job as a hotel chambermaid.
Adrienn is studying at university, but wanted to earn some extra money during the summer break. However, for the moment at least, Hungary faces tough economic conditions and jobs are hard to come by. So in May 2012 she started searching the web for work and found information about EURES and contact details for Krisztián Ruskó, a EURES Adviser based in Austria. She sent off her CV and did not have to wait too long for good news.
“On 20 July my phone rang and it was Mr Ruskó,” says Adrienn. “A hotel in Austria was urgently looking for staff and work should begin in two days! I then had an interview with the employer on the phone and on Sunday [two days later] I was in Salzburg!”
Adrienn had previously worked in an Austrian hotel but found the working conditions difficult. EURES assured her that this job would be different as the family-run hotel in Hallwang near Salzburg has a good reputation for looking after its foreign workers. In fact, EURES has already successfully helped it to recruit another member of staff.
Mission impossible?
“The employer contacted me late on a Friday afternoon just as I was about to leave the office,” explains Krisztián. “He urgently needed a chambermaid who would be able to begin work the following Monday morning. It looked like mission impossible but I quickly searched through my database of Hungarian jobseekers and found an appropriate candidate in Adrienn.”
Despite the speed of events, everything has worked out well for all concerned. “It is difficult to find appropriate staff in Austria,” says a hotel spokesman. “I will surely use EURES next time we have a staff shortage.”
“I recommend EURES to anyone who wants to work abroad,” adds Adrienn, who has enjoyed the challenge of learning German as well as working in Austria.
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