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Join our upcoming thematic chats! (April 23, April 25, May 2)
On the "Chat with EURES Advisers" page, several countries from the EURES Network are already available for regular chat sessions about their national labour market, living and working conditions and specific opportunities. Now, some of these countries are introducing new thematic chats...
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Welcome to the new EURES Portal!
Where else than the new EURES Portal could be a better place for European jobseekers and employers to meet? With a brand new look and feel, and a new tool for creating and searching for CVs, the EURES Portal is now more attractive and user-friendly. Soon to follow will be an improved job search engine and a skills passport application.
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Croatia on the EURES Portal
The EURES portal has been updated with information about Living & Working in Croatia. The Croatian language version of the EURES portal will soon follow!
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The Swiss Federal Council invokes safeguard clause for EU-17 and EU-8 states
The Swiss Federal Council decided to invoke the safeguard clause contained in the Agreement on the Free Movement of Persons. After 1 May 2013, the quota for B-permits (5-year residence permits) will be kept in place for nationals of the Eastern European EU-8 states and as of 1 June 2013, quotas will be applied to B-permits for workers from EU-17 states as well. Quotas will apply for one year.
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“Do I need to speak Norwegian?”
In recent years, the county of Rogaland, Norway, has become increasingly popular as an employment destination. One of the most frequently asked questions at the Rogaland EURES helpdesk is: “Do I need Norwegian to work in Norway?”
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Workshops prepare Dutch jobseekers for the German labour market
There can be a range of cultural differences making finding employment in another country difficult for jobseekers. EURES Netherlands has been providing jobseekers with workshops for over a year, with the aim to explain the cultural differences between Germany and the Netherlands.
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Ready to make the move to Estonia
The new EURES “Ready to make the move?” guide aims to provide important advice for Europeans about living and working abroad. Today, we focus on finding a job in Estonia.
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From real estate to pastry chef
Where others may only see lemons, Valerie decided to make lemonade. Seizing on the opportunity to try something new, at 40 years of age she decided to switch careers – and countries – to pursue a lifelong passion: pastry.
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Europe s second biggest theme park recruits with EURES
Europa-Park, Europe’s second largest entertainment park, recruits personnel from across Europe thanks to strong cooperation with EURES Germany, plus the network of EURES Advisers across Europe. The cooperation is now in its third year, and in 2014, representatives from Europa-Park will travel to Varna (Bulgaria), Bucharest (Romania), and Tenerife (Gran Canaria).
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Commissioner Andor defends EU freedom of movement
Mobile EU workers have helped boost their host countries’ economies, contribute to government revenues, and address skills shortages and labour market bottlenecks, argued EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion László Andor during a lecture at the University of Bristol on 10 February.
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Bulgarians and Romanians now free to work everywhere in the EU
January 2014 saw the end of labour market restrictions for Bulgarians and Romanians in the rest of the European Union.
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Your first EURES job helps Polish designer to launch career in Italy
Edyta Laszkiewicz from Poland, could follow her dreams of working in Italy thanks to Your first EURES job, a European mobility scheme. She is now working as a Computer Graphics Technician at Co.M.Mediain Lecce.
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