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Get your skills and personality across in long-distance interviews
Skype, Google Hangouts or Netop Live Guide – more and more these online communication channels are becoming a place for job seekers to convince employers that they are the perfect fit for the vacancy. Phone interviews are also growing ever more popular.
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Not happy with the pay at home? Look further afield!
Research conducted by the WageIndicator Foundation compares how much workers in various countries earn, by hour, for the same job. A tool can be used to check out the differences, by profession and shows at a glance, which countries pay the most.
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Older workers moving abroad – experienced and realistic
Experience can be a selling point on the job market, but it can also put potential employers off. Older workers can be more expensive to hire and in depressed economies, often the semi-trained youngsters present a cheaper option. When the range of jobs you can go for shrinks in your own country, moving abroad with the help of the EURES Network can be a good choice.
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Sweden the land of opportunity for Finnish IT jobseekers
When Nokia in Finland announced redundancies last summer, many Finnish IT workers were left in a worrying position. At the same time, Sweden’s growing tech sector struggled to fill vacancies. Spotting this mismatch, EURES Sweden and Finland began a major recruitment drive to do the match, culminating in a successful Job Day in December.
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CVs – getting the right balance between self-promotion and honesty
Did you hear about the man travelling to a job interview on the tube, who swore at a fellow passenger getting out of the carriage? He got to his interview only to find that the man he had been rude to was sitting opposite him, as his interviewer. He didn’t get the job.
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Travel may broaden the mind, but working abroad makes you smarter!
Working abroad, dealing with new cultures, learning new languages – all that quick thinking gives your brain a good workout. A series of studies show that people working or studying abroad outperform others when it comes to creative thinking and problem solving.
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EURES Slovenia helps Manca Müller into her ideal job
Surrounded by students, Manca Müller is in her element. Having left her home in Slovenia to try out a Danish folk high school as a pupil, she was sad to leave at the end of the term. Just one year later she was back as a teaching assistant and now has a permanent position with the school’s administration. ‘EURES Slovenia gave me the support and confidence I needed to tackle the red tape and make the move’, says Müller.
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Supper clubs, meet the locals and get a feel for the culture
So you’ve taken the leap, the EURES network has helped you find a job that suits you in another country and you are starting a new chapter in your life. Getting to grips with your new environment can be challenging, but if you want to learn more about the locals, then a dining club could be just what you need.
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Join our upcoming thematic chats or have a look at our closing dates!
On the "Chat with EURES Advisers" page, several countries from the EURES Network are already available for regular chat sessions about their national labour market, living and working conditions and specific opportunities. Now, some of these countries are introducing new thematic chats...
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EURES Helpdesk’s "human dimension" the key to effective problem-solving
For many jobseekers and employers, EURES is a web tool for exploring the opportunities offered by the European labour market. To keep the EURES Portal operating effectively, intensive behind-the-scenes work is necessary. Here we talk to the EURES Helpdesk coordinator Evi Guinou who, alongside her team in Luxembourg, works to ensure that users’ portal-related problems are resolved effectively.
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Meet the team behind European Online Job Days
European (Online) Job Days (EOJDs) have become one of EURES’ most powerful tools for connecting jobseekers and employers across the continent. To bring these events to fruition, much complex work goes on behind-the-scenes. Here, we talk to individuals who help make EOJDs a reality.
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European Online Job Day - 100 000 km away from continental Europe
With the EURES online platform, the island of Reunion successfully expands its talent pool to all of continental Europe.
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