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Spanish healthcare workers prove that learning a new language is not mission impossible
The success of jobseekers using EURES often depends on language skills; the ability to work through the language of potential employers. But as this case of Spanish doctors relocating to Finland proves, learning a new language is not mission impossible.
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Your first EURES job: "a big opportunity to change your professional life"
Your first EURES job (YfEj) is the EU’s newest job mobility initiative, specifically for young Europeans. It has already proven to be a big hit with recruiters, and as we find out here, young jobseekers are quite happy with it too.
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Dedicated Norwegian mobility website a "useful innovation for all stakeholders"
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". Leonardo da Vinci’s powerful ode to simplicity is not lost on EURES Norway, which has played a leading role in creating the Work in Norway website. Here we learn more about this hugely popular one-stop shop for everything related to living and working in the Nordic country.
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Ready to make the move to Luxembourg?
The new EURES “Ready to make the move?” guide aims to provide important advice for Europeans about living and working in another EU country. Today, we focus on finding work in Luxembourg, a small and diverse country where close to 50 % of the resident population are migrants.
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One hundred new hires in 18 months – and this is just the start
A German recruitment company considers its focus on long-term employment to be the secret behind its impressive recruitment results.
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EURES "human touch" makes the difference for French jobseeker
EURES strives to bridge the gap between jobseekers and employers, ensuring the right jobseeker matches the right vacancy. But arguably the network’s greatest strength lies not in technology, but in the guidance and support EURES Advisers offer in their daily work. Here we learn how the “human side” of EURES Croatia helped a young jobseeker navigate the challenge of relocation.
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EURES: a learning network in a fast changing world
For many jobseekers the perception of EURES is that of an online service that lists job vacancies across Europe. But EURES offers so much more. Indeed, the network’s 1 000 EURES Advisers work in the interests of jobseekers and employers, providing a range of personalised services. This week we gained an insight into the intensive training EURES Advisers regularly undertake.
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EURES - a quality stamp for a Dutch recruiter
Recruiters from Dutch agency Sagius Uitzenders B.V. have cited the implicit guarantee offered to jobseekers by EURES Slovakia as crucial to the company’s success in attracting Slovakian technical workers to the Netherlands.
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Join our upcoming thematic chats or have a look at our closing dates!
On the "Chat with EURES Advisers" page, several countries from the EURES Network are already available for regular chat sessions about their national labour market, living and working conditions and specific opportunities. Now, some of these countries are introducing new thematic chats...
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Ready to make the move to Sweden
The new EURES “Ready to make the move?” guide aims to provide useful advice to Europeans about living and working abroad. Today we focus on finding a job in Sweden.
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New European Hospitality and Tourism Skills Passport: the ticket to a new job?
A new tool on the EURES Portal allows jobseekers to specify which skills they have obtained where (within a specific sector), making it easier for employers to find exactly what they are looking for. The skills passport has just been launched for the hospitality and tourism sectors, with others to follow soon.
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Your first EURES job – a “full service package” for SMEs
Vacancy filling is an enduring challenge for many firms operating in the international market, with high logistical costs making recruitment from abroad difficult. But this may soon change. Your first EURES job (YfEj), the EU’s new mobility scheme for boosting mobility among young workers, is proving to be a major hit with SME recruiters.
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