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European Job Days Brussels draws in the crowds

Imagine being able to attend an event where you can meet and talk face-to-face with the HR manager holding the key to your dream job – that’s exactly what thousands of expectant jobseekers were able to do at the recent European Job Days event in Brussels.
The fifth edition of the European Job Days Brussels, organised jointly by the European Commission and EURES, took place on Saturday 1 October in Brussels, Belgium and was attended by Princess Mathilde of Belgium. Jobseekers and employers from all over the EU came together in the Commission’s Berlaymont building.
There were more than 10 000 candidates registered from 38 different countries, and 50 top employers were present. Featuring a plethora of innovative informational and coaching sessions, the Job Days had something for everyone. With more than 1 000 jobs directly on offer, some chose to focus on interviews whilst others took advantage of the EURES Village or the “Create your own job” section at the event.
In the EURES Village there were more than 20 stands with advisers from EURES countries on hand to provide consultations. Throughout the day interesting and informative seminars were conducted by EURES experts on topics such as “Leaving for abroad, am I prepared?” and over 1.2 million jobs were showcased live on the EURES portal.
The “Create your own job” section included interactive sessions and the chance to talk directly with representatives promoting and supporting European entrepreneurship, including Ja-Ye and microStart, as well as related European initiatives, including Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs. Conferences were held throughout the day, all with the aim of promoting youth entrepreneurship in the EU.
In a press release following the event, EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, László Andor, commented, “I am confident that it [the Job Days] will help people find a job thanks to direct contact with recruiters. I hope it will be a real stepping stone for many individuals to get their foot onto the employment ladder.”
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