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Working conditions

Employment contracts


An open-ended employment contract may be entered into orally or in writing. In the case of a fixed-term contract, however, the expiry date must always be set down in writing. If that is not done, the employment contract is deemed to be open-ended. The written form is compulsory for apprenticeship contracts.

If a written employment contract has not been concluded, the employer is required by the Nachweisgesetz [Proof of Employment Act] to set out the main terms of employment in writing no later than one month after the agreed start of employment, sign them and hand them over to the employee.

A written contract should contain the following details:

  • name and address of the employee
  • name and address of the organisation
  • place of work
  • description of duties
  • date on which employment commenced
  • duration of probationary period
  • in the case of fixed-term contracts: duration of the contract
  • in the case of open-ended contracts: notice period and date of termination
  • weekly or daily working hours
  • amount of remuneration and of any supplements
  • payment date and method
  • leave allowance
  • reference to collective agreements and to works and service agreements


Text last edited on: 06/2020

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