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EURES in cross-border regions

Tornedalen (SV-SF)

Crossborder partnership name
Tornedalen (SV-SF)
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Regions Covered

Municipalities in Finland: Enontekiö, Muonio, Kittilä, Kolari, Pello, Ylitornio, Torneå, Tervola, Kemi, Simo, Ii, Haukipudas, Uleåborg

Municipalities in Sweden: Kiruna (Karesuando), Pajala, Övertorneå, Kalix, Överkalix, Haparanda, Luleå

Short Description

The cross-border partnership started in 2000 and is involved in activities aimed at developing a common labour market in the region, with more job opportunities and cross-border commuting.

The partnership is working to:

-obtain comparable statistics on the labour market and the labour force on both sides of the border
-resolve bottlenecks
-establish contacts with industry and potential entrepreneurs in different sectors
-provide information about the labour market to industry, job-seekers and students and information on work experience and living and working on both sides of the border.
-encourage small businesses in certain sectors where there are bottlenecks


Regional Swedish and Finnish employers’ organisations
Regional Swedish and Finnish trades unions
Regional Arbetsförmedlingar (employment offices) and Länsarbetsnämder (county labour boards)
Representatives of municipal authorities in the cross-border region