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EURES cross-border partnerships

Oberrhein (FR-DE-CH)

Crossborder partnership name
Oberrhein (FR-DE-CH)
Web Site
Regions Covered
The partnership covers Alsace, part of Baden Wurttemberg and part of the Rhineland Palatinate. Three north west Swiss cantons are associated with the partnership and have observer status.
Short Description
The patnership began in 1999 and has as its principal objectives the encouragement of border workers mobility in the region, reducing the obstacles to mobility and to put in place information services for workers on living and working conditions on either side of the borders.
The activities of the partnership are as follows:
- The collection of information on:
- The crossborder labour market ( identification of professional sectors where job vacancies are in demand or in shortage. This also includes identifying the different needs on either side of the border):
- The obstacles to mobility which exist and the measures which could be taken to ameliorate or remove them.
- To provide to crossborder workers information on living and working conditions and the various regulations ( tax, pensions, social security…) that apply in the region.
- To make available information on job vacancies and training opportunities in the crossborder area via the employment services, the social partners and the local authorities.
- The creation of a website containing a database of stage opportunities provided by companies in the crossborder labour market area.
- Promotion of professional training centred around the crossborder region.
- Putting in place professional training throughout the region in order to solve skills shortages in specific sectors and occupations.
- Providing a forum for dialogue between the social partners.
- Employers associations from Alsace (Medef Alsace), Baden Wurttemburg (Landesvereinigung Baden-Württembergischer Arbeitgeberverbände) and Rhineland Palatinate (Landesvereinigung Rheinland-Pfälzischer Unternehmerverbände).
- Interregional Trades Union Councils (CSI Dreiländereck and CSI Euregio).
- Local Public Employment Services (ANPE Alsace and Bundesanstalt für Arbeit).
- Local authorities of Baden Wurttemberg, Rhineland Palatinate and Alsace.
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