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EURES cross-border partnerships

Galicia/Região Norte (ES-PT)

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Galicia/Região Norte (ES-PT)
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The cross-border structure stretches across the provinces of Ourense and Pontevedra (Galicia, Spain) and the subregions of Minho-Lima, Cávado, Ave and Tâmega (North Portugal).

Short Description

The cross-border partnership was set up in 1997. It is involved in a series of initiatives aimed at facilitating cross-border mobility for workers and employers in the Galicia-North Portugal Euro-region, changing this geographical area into a single job market.

Since the partnership’s inception, the following has been achieved:
- creation of a network of ‘Conselleiros EURES’ [EURES Advisers], specialists in cross-border and transnational mobility from the various partner organisations (Xunta de Galicia, IEFP, Univerdade de Vigo, ACISAT – see below), who provide jobseekers, workers and employers in the Galicia-North Portugal border area with placement services, information and advice;
- production of documentation and information on matters specifically related to cross-border mobility (social security, taxes, unemployment, recognition of qualifications, setting up one’s own business, etc.);
- organisation of seminars and conferences on the rights and obligations of workers and employers involved in businesses in a cross-border area;
- running of cross-border vocational-training courses for the unemployed;
- analysis of data on the needs of the cross-border labour market, the cross-border flow of workers, and obstacles to mobility;
- the setting up of permanent working groups, composed of executives and specialists from bodies such as Social Security, the Labour Inspectorate and the Hacienda de Galicia y Portugal [Treasury of Galicia and Portugal], to spot obstacles to mobility and implement the measures needed to overcome them.

Documents, studies and other information, including studies that have been conducted, are available from the partner organisations’ offices, the website above or on CD-ROM.


- Instituto do Emprego e Formaçao Profissional (IEFP) [Portuguese Public Employment Service]
- Xunta de Galicia [Galician Autonomous Government]
- Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal – Instituto de Empleo (INEM) [Spanish National Employment Office]
- Consello Sindical Interrexional Galicia-Norte de Portugal [Galicia-North Portugal Interregional Trade Union Council]:
- Unión General de Trabajadores de Galicia [General Workers’ Union of Galicia]
- Sindicato Nacional Comisións Obreiras de Galicia [National Confederation of Workers Unions of Galicia]
- União Geral de Trabalhadores de Portugal [General Workers Union of Portugal]
- Confederação Geral de Trabalhadores Portugueses [General Confederation of Portuguese Workers]
- Associação Industrial do Minho [Minho Industrial Association]
- Associação Empresarial de Viana do Castelo [Viana do Castelo Business Association]
- União Empresarial do Vale do Minho [Vale do Minho Business Confederation]
- Associação Empresarial do Alto Tâmega (ACISAT) [Alto Tâmega Business Association]
- Confederación de Empresários de Galicia [Galicia Employers Confederation]
- Comunidade Intermunicipal do Vale do Minho [Vale do Minho Intermunicipal Association]
- Comunidade Urbana VALIMAR [VALIMAR Urban Community]
- Federación Galega de Municipios e Provincias [Galician Federation of Municipalities and Provinces]
- Comunidade de Traballo Galicia-Norte de Portugal [Galicia-North Portugal Employment Association]:
- Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Norte [Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of the North]
- Secretaria Xeral de Relacións Exteriores-Xunta de Galicia [General Secretariat for Foreign Affairs-Galician Autonomous Government]
- Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Norte [Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of the North]
- Universidade de Vigo [Vigo University]
- Universidade de Minho [Minho University]

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