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Romania - Bucuresti

Short overview of the labour market


The Bucharest-Ilfov region includes Ilfov County and the city of Bucharest.

According to the latest population census, the region's population is 2 272 200 inhabitants. The population distribution is inversely proportional to the size of the two administrative entities. Bucharest is Romania’s largest urban area, with a population of 1.9 million inhabitants. Ilfov County is one of the smaller counties in the country, with a density of 289.6 inhabitants/km2.

On 01/01/2017, according to the labour force register, the labour resources in this region amounted to 1 545 400 persons, of whom 88% were in civilian employment.

The rate of registered unemployment as at 31 August 2017 was 1.3% – the lowest at national level – corresponding to 20 000 unemployed persons.

The demand for skilled workers is higher in this region, and most unemployed persons have a low level of education. Due to the opportunities provided by the capital city, the employed population tends to have a high level of training and qualifications.

The main economic sector in which the civilian population is employed is the services sector (71.9%), followed by industry and the construction sector (26.1%), while agriculture accounts for only 2.0%. Services generate the largest number of jobs.

The Bucharest region concentrates the largest labour market in the country. All branches of industry are present in the Bucharest-Ilfov region, as this is the main industrial agglomeration in the country, but in the last few years the workforce has reoriented massively towards the services sector, which at present is the main contributor to this region's economy. This region also has the fastest growth rates in sectors such as the building and real estate sector. Other highly dynamic sectors are the retail, distribution and management sectors.

The economic environment in this region is attractive as a result of direct investments, the existing institutional structure, a skilled workforce and a communications system which is more developed than in other regions in the country.

According to the ANOFM's statistical data, the region's largest employers in terms of number of employees were: CN Poșta Română SA, SC OMV Petrom SA, RCS&RDS, CNCF CFR SA, Kaufland România, SC Auchan România SA, SNTFC CFR Călători SA, SC Mega Image SRL, Adecco Resurse Umane SRL.


Sources: National Employment Agency, National Institute of Statistics (labour force register, Statistical Yearbook), Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds.

Text last edited on: 12/2017

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