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Finland - Uusimaa

Short overview of the labour market


The region of Uusimaa is the largest region in Finland in terms of both population and labour market. It is located on the southern coast of Finland and has good transport links with major commercial hubs in both Central Europe and Russia. There are 1.6 million people living in Uusimaa, and the population density is around the average level for Europe. The population has grown by around 390 000 in 25 years. The largest municipality in the region is the capital Helsinki, which has over 600 000 residents. As well as the capital city, the cities of Espoo and Vantaa also have a strong position. Uusimaa is the powerhouse of the Finnish economy, and nearly half the turnover of all Finnish businesses is generated in that region. In addition to this, two-thirds of international business activity in Finland is centred in Uusimaa. Many international companies have their head offices in Uusimaa (including, among others, Nokia, Stora Enso, Kone and Nordea). In terms of its economic structure, the service sector dominates in the region. Knowledge-intensive business services are particularly important. The commercial sector also has a large share. Industrial activities are mainly centred on and around the core areas of Uusimaa, particularly Hanko, Raasepori and Lohja.

Finland’s network of universities and other higher education establishments cover the entire country, but the largest university, with many cutting-edge departments, is located in Helsinki. The level of education of the population in Uusimaa is higher than the Finnish average. 

The Helsinki area is a growing metropolitan area, thanks to positive migration trends. People move to the region for jobs and the diverse range of training options. More than half of the people in Finland who speak a foreign language live in Uusimaa. The employment rate in Uusimaa is the second-highest in the country, with an average of 75% of the 15–64-year-olds in employment in 2019. Employment rate has increased in particular in the construction industry in the past years. The unemployment rate in Uusimaa was 6.5% in 2019.

Nearly one-third of all jobs in Finland are located in Uusimaa. In addition to the offices of Public employment and business services, information about job vacancies may also be found through company websites, recruitment agencies and social media. There is a significant proportion of hidden jobs. 

The main working language is Finnish, although English is used as a working language in many international jobs requiring high-level expertise, particularly in research and IT sectors. Compared to the rest of Finland, in Uusimaa it is easier to get by using English. There are more people with Swedish as their mother tongue in Uusimaa than in Finland as a whole, so Swedish is also useful. 

The Occupational Barometer provides additional information about the sectors in which there is a demand for workers, and where there is no demand.


Text last edited on: 11/2020