PLOTEUS – Portal on Learning Opportunities throughout the European Space

Labour mobility is becoming a widely accepted element of many European citizens’ lives. EURES helps thousands of people annually to find work abroad, both temporarily and permanently, both by providing expert advice to people considering moving abroad and answering questions which jobseekers may have. For European citizens wishing to experience mobility, working abroad is not the sole option; studying abroad is another excellent way of developing one’s skills and experiencing another culture. The Learning section of the EURES portal is a useful source of information in this area.

But EURES is not the only programme available to help jobseekers, or people unsure about what their next step will be. One example of another citizens’ service provided by the European Commission is PLOTEUS – a Portal on Learning Opportunities throughout the European Space. In fact, it is PLOTEUS which provides the information for the Learning section of the EURES portal.

PLOTEUS has been set up to provide information and help to a wide range of people, including students, jobseekers, workers, parents, teachers and guidance counsellors regarding studying in Europe and living abroad. The website is split into different sections: Learning Opportunities, Education Systems, Moving to a country and Exchanges and Grants. If you have not been able to find the answer to your query within the portal then there is a Contact facility so that you can contact the PLOTEUS team directly with your question.

PLOTEUS may be useful if you are looking to enhance your skill set and would like to find out what learning opportunities exist in your area, or to inform you about where a specific course you are interested in is available. Education and learning does not stop the day you leave school; there are a wide range of courses available to ensure that you are learning and expanding your skill set throughout your life. As a result, PLOTEUS provides information about the education system from pre-primary to doctorates and vocational programmes; in addition to learning about how the school system works for your children abroad, perhaps that long overdue evening class or training course idea will catch you eye too!

PLOTEUS and EURES complement one another: moving abroad is not something which happens overnight. Both the PLOTEUS portal and the EURES Living and Working Conditions database provide essential information about all European countries, with PLOTEUS also offering information about Turkey and EURES offering information about EEA/EFTA countries. Maybe you already know where you are going – in which case these portals can provide useful facts and figures. Or if you do not yet have a destination in mind why not compare the costs of living, social security and taxes or information about accommodation and make an informed choice about where to target your applications!

The PLOTEUS portal can also be used to gain information about other schemes available in Europe, for example Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci and Tempus, three programmes designed to support vocational training or study elsewhere in Europe. It does not have to cost the earth to spend some time abroad, and this portal has been developed to provide centralised information about the grants and programmes available throughout Europe, while also highlighting the eligibility criteria.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the PLOTEUS portal today to have your education and learning questions answered, and start benefiting from the fundamental right of European citizens to free movement throughout Europe.

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