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Short overview of the labour market

For many years the economy of Pleven region has exhibited developmental features characteristic of the country’s economy as a whole, seen as a surge of all sectors, increasing growth of the private sector and the gradual penetration of foreign investment.

Based on latest published National Statistical Institute reports, the population in Pleven region is of 305,025 people, of whom 149,105 are men and 155,920 are women.

The workforce in the region (the employed and unemployed taken together) is 115,900 people. The economic activity index is 43.4%. The number of employed individuals was 107,700. The employment index went to 40.3% (Based on a 2005 Survey of the Workforce). Most employed individuals (in a labour or public service relationship) were concentrated in processing, i.e. 31%. Retail and repairs follow with 13%, education with 10%, public administration, healthcare and welfare operations – each with 7%, agriculture and forestry and transport and communications – each with 6% (Based on TSB official data on labour and public service contract employees in 2005).

The smaller number of unemployed registered in the region observed for the sixth consecutive year follows a pattern that is characteristic of the whole country. In 2006, their number was 18,773, while the average annual rate of unemployment was 12.67%.

The following economic sectors are well developed in Pleven region: the chemical, textiles and foodstuffs industries, the manufacturing of cement and glass, machine building, tailoring, agriculture, retail and services.

Some of the largest employers in Pleven region are well-established foreign companies, such as the Belgian "Interbrew", the German "Schelle", the American SPS-GROUP and "SHELL", the Italian "Manifattura Riese", the French "EFT", the UK "Balmargo Corporation", the Austrian OMV and TEOS Holding, the Russian "Lukoil" and the Turkish "Sarten".

Undertakings of structural importance for the production of foodstuffs and drinks are "Zvezda", Dolna Mitropolia and "Tonix 96"; in clothing manufacturing "Mizia 96" and "Moni MSD"; in machine and equipment manufacturing - "Vaptsarov", "Ilinden", "Beta", Cherven briag, "Palfinger Produktionstechnik", Cherven briag; in construction and construction material - "Monolit", "Betonex", "Pleven cement"; in paper, cardboard and packaging manufacturing - "Sarten" JSC, "Mair Melnhoff", Nikopol.

A huge concentration of undertakings in Pleven municipality, with the exception of one in Nikopol, two in Cherven briag and one in Dolna Mitropolia, is characteristic of the region.

Both highly qualified staff with engineering and technical degrees, as well as educationalists, are in demand on the labour market in the region, but also low qualified staff for processing, retail, repairs and construction.

There is much demand in agriculture, which is of great importance to many of the smaller municipalities in the region and an almost unique occupation alternative for the unemployed there.

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