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Czech Republic

Living Conditions



Accommodation and housing costs in the Czech Republic may vary significantly depending on the location and also on the size, category and furnishings of the flat or house. In general, the housing situation in the Czech Republic is complicated and finding cheap rental accommodation is not easy. The highest rents are charged in large cities with low unemployment, particularly in the capital.

In the Czech Republic, there are council flats, but their number is declining and the likelihood of your being able to acquire such housing is very small. There are also co-op flats, where a housing co-operative is the owner of the building and flats are rented to members of the co-operative. Sublets of co-operative flats are often offered by members of housing co-operatives. Other flats and houses are owned privately and letting thereof is governed by the Civil Code.

A common practice is the conclusion of a lease for a limited period. The conclusion of a lease is also governed by the Civil Code and it is advisable to consult a lawyer before signing the lease agreement.

If you purchase a flat or a house, you should conclude a written purchase contract. You will become the owner of the flat or a house upon the official registration of the ownership title in the property register, which contains records of ownership titles and other property rights relating to all immovable property in the Czech Republic and is administered by the land registry (cadastral) office. When property is bought and sold, the seller pays a tax on acquisition of immovable property. It is also to be recommended that you consult a lawyer about the purchase of a flat or a house.
It is usual to use the services of an estate agency when buying a flat or house. The commission usually ranges between 3 and 5% of the selling price of the property, or is equal to one month’s rent in the case of mediating a lease.

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