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Cost of living


The UK is considered to be an expensive country, compared to some other countries within the EU. Cost of living varies within the UK, between rural and urban areas and between towns and cities. Cities tend to be the most expensive, with London being the most expensive city in the UK. It is considered to be cheaper to live in the Midlands and the North of England, than in London and the South East.
Britain’s currency is based on the pound sterling (£), which is divided into 100 pence (100p). The Euro is not used in the UK, although in a few larger department stores it may be accepted.
Buying food and clothing in large department stores will be more expensive than buying the equivalent in supermarkets. Most towns will have some form of indoor market where food, clothing and household items can be bought, and prices tend to be cheaper. Charity shops sell second-hand clothes and household goods, with the profits from the sales of these normally going to charity.
Particularly in recent years, the UK cost of living has been rising mostly due to increasing car insurance and energy prices. Along with other utility bills, petrol and the cost of childcare, these can add up to a significant proportion of your outgoings, before even thinking about costs for social activities.
Debt is a problem for many people in the UK today and there are several organisations to offer information and advice if you are having difficulties managing money.

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