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Living Conditions

Cost of living


Although basic outgoings on food, housing and transport in Lithuania are the lowest in the Baltic states, they account for almost half average household income. For the optimum food basket (as compiled by dieticians), transport and housing, a four-person family in Vilnius spends an average of EUR 518.13 per month. Around 44% of the net income of Lithuanians (which in the case of a four-person family is around EUR 1 188) goes on basics. The optimum basket of food products for a four-person family per month in Lithuania costs EUR 288.50. Eurostat data show that most of the inhabitants of the Baltic states live in housing which belongs to them or their family members. The proportion of such people in Lithuania is 85%. For those owning property, expenditure on housing is lower than for those renting or paying a mortgage. A four-person family living in a 70 square metre flat in an old building will spend an average of EUR 201.20 per month on their accommodation in Vilnius. Currently, buying property with a mortgage is a cheaper option than renting. Nevertheless, the basic obstacle for most people here is the initial down payment, which in the case of an old building may be as much as 25% of the total cost.

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