Living and working conditions

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Living conditions

Cost of living


The average gross monthly wage in Latvia in the 3rd quarter of 2020 was EUR 1 147.

30–40% of the monthly wage is spent on rent and utility payments. The average consumer prices in Latvia do not significantly differ from average prices in other European countries. However, for certain product groups, e.g. local vegetables, fuel, cigarettes, etc., the prices are comparatively lower.


The average food prices during the 3rd quarter of 2020 were as follows: pork EUR 4.50/kg; sausages, frankfurters EUR 5/kg; chicken fillet EUR 5.70/kg; cheese EUR 5–8/kg; milk EUR 0.90/litre; bread EUR 0.5–1; potatoes EUR 0.5/kg; beer (in shops) EUR 0.7–1.3/500 ml. An average restaurant meal costs between EUR 20 and EUR 40. The price of electricity starts from EUR 14.19/100 kWh, while the average price per litre of 95 grade fuel is EUR 1.29 (28/04/2021). A cup of coffee in a café or a restaurant – EUR 1.57. A cinema ticket – EUR 6.54. One visit to a swimming pool– EUR 7.00.


Text last edited on: 07/2021