Living and working conditions

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Living Conditions

Cost of living


The cost of living includes the following main expenditure items:

  • food;
  • housing and household expenses (cost of electricity, water and natural gas);
  • transport and telecommunications; 
  • education and culture;
  • services (clothing, hairdressing, restaurants, dentist, entertainment, etc.).

Data from the KSH shows that in 2016, the monthly per capita consumption was HUF 77 100. Hungarian households spent 26.5 % of their total personal expenditure on food. The second highest outlay was on household maintenance (22.1 %), but for those renting a home, the figure was much higher, reaching 50-60 %. The cost of daily travel accounted for 10.6 % of personal expenditure, while telecommunications-related expenditure represented 7 %. The amount remaining for other needs was spent on clothing, culture, hotel accommodation and entertainment. 

The price of fuel is around HUF 350 per litre. A family of four spends approximately HUF 20 000 on groceries every week, while a decent pair of shoes costs anywhere between HUF 5 000 and HUF 15 000. Cinema and museum tickets cost HUF 700 to HUF 1 500 on average.

A visit to the hairdresser ranges between HUF 1 500 and HUF 3 000, though obviously there may be considerable differences between prices in Budapest and outside the capital. Dinner in a medium-range restaurant costs between HUF 2 500 and HUF 3 500 per person.

Text last edited on: 11/2017

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