Living and working conditions

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Living conditions

Cost of living


The figures put out by Statistics Finland for 2019 show that the following four areas together account for the largest items of expenditure: housing and heating costs (24%), transport (14%), food (13%), and leisure activities (11%) (of disposable income).

In a Eurostat price comparison undertaken in 2018, which estimated prices for food and non-alcoholic drinks in EU and EEA countries, Finland came tenth highest on the list. The prices of food and non-alcoholic drinks in Finland are 20% higher than the European average. The prices of alcoholic drinks are 80% higher than average.

Here are some example prices from 2018:

Semi-skimmed milk (l)

EUR 0.9

Butter (500 g)

EUR 3.3

Eggs (kg)

EUR 3.2

Minced beef (kg)

EUR 10.11

Rainbow trout (kg)

EUR 11.16

Packet of coffee (550 g)

EUR 3.95

Potatoes (kg)

EUR 0.91

Bananas (kg)

EUR 1.44

Tomatoes (kg)

EUR 3.05

Petrol 95 E10 (l)

EUR 1.52

Diesel (l)

EUR 1.40

Cinema ticket

EUR 13.02


Text last edited on: 05/2020

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