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Czech Republic

Living Conditions

Cost of living


The Czechs spend the dominant part (about one fourth) of their income on food, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages and tobacco. Another important item is housing costs, which are comparable with the rest of the EU and represent about 18 % of overall expenditure. Approximately 16 % of income is spent on culture and leisure time. Substantial sums (14 % of income) are also spent on transport and telecommunications.

Prices of the most common goods and services:

Bread CZK 30

Milk (1 l) CZK 15

Eggs (10) CZK 35

Bottled mineral water (1.5 l) CZK 15

Sugar (1 kg) CZK 27

Potatoes (1 kg) CZK 15

Tomatoes (1 kg) CZK 35

Frozen chicken (1 kg) CZK 100

Big Mac: CZK 75

Pizza Margherita (at a restaurant) CZK 130

Steak (at a restaurant) CZK 300

Waste bags CZK 20

Microwave oven CZK 1000

Lady's sweater CZK 300 – 1 000

Socks CZK 50

Electricity (in average household) CZK 2000

Petrol (lead-free 95) CZK 32

Bank account (monthly) CZK 100

The exchange rate with the euro is CZK 27 to CZK 28.

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