Living and working conditions

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Czech Republic

Living Conditions

Cost of living


Czechs spend the dominant part (about one fourth) of their income on food, non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages and tobacco. Another important item is housing costs, which are comparable with the rest of the EU and represent about 25 % of overall expenditure. Approximately 20 % of income is spent on culture and leisure time. Substantial sums (14 % of income) are also spent on transport and telecommunications.

Prices of the most common goods and services:

Bread: CZK 30

Milk (1 l): CZK 25

Eggs (10 pcs): CZK 35

Bottled mineral water (1.5 l): CZK 15

Sugar (1 kg): CZK 25

Potatoes (1 kg): CZK 30

Tomatoes (1 kg): CZK 70

Frozen chicken (1 kg): CZK 100

Big Mac: CZK 85

Pizza Margherita (at a restaurant): CZK 130

Steak (at a restaurant): CZK 300

Electricity (average household): CZK 2 000

Petrol (unleaded 95): CZK 27

Bank account – free of charge or charged: CZK 100

The exchange rate with the Euro is CZK 25 to CZK 27.


Text last edited on: 07/2020

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