Living and working conditions

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Czech Republic

Working conditions

Labour disputes – strikes


Labour disputes

Disputes between employers and employees about claims arising from employment contracts are reviewed and ruled on by the courts.

An employee who feels that his/her employer fails to observe the Labour Code in any way can file a complaint with the district labour inspectorate which has jurisdiction over the place where the employer operates. Labour inspectorates may also impose fines for unlawful conduct.


State Labour Inspection Office

Kolářská 451/13

746 01 Opava

Tel. +420 950 179 101



Strikes are mainly organised by trade unions with the aim of bargaining with employers. Most strikes take the form of a warning, when employees are trying to obtain concessions from their employer. The results of strikes depend on the circumstances and also on the approach of the employer. For the period of participation in a strike, the participant is not entitled to either salary or salary compensation. Participation in a strike is considered to be an authorised absence from work until such time that a court decision on the unlawfulness of the strike comes into force.


Text last edited on: 11/2021