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Czech Republic

Working conditions

Leave (annual leave, parental leave etc.)


In the Czech Republic, the regular holiday entitlement of employees working under an employment contract is 4 weeks per year. Generally, longer holiday entitlements may be agreed in collective agreements. Certain groups of employees (in public administration and autonomous public bodies and contributory organisations) are entitled to 5 weeks, other groups (teachers and academic staff) to 8 weeks.

Employees become entitled to take a holiday after having worked for 60 days; however, if the employee works for a shorter time, he/she can take 1/12 of the total annual leave entitlement.

The period when holiday may be taken is determined by the employer as agreed with the trade union or the employee. Every employee is entitled to take at least 2 consecutive weeks of holiday.

Other types of holiday and leave from work:

Paid maternity leave – In connection with childbirth and the care of a newborn child, the maternity leave entitlement is 28 weeks; in the case of multiple births, the entitlement is 37 weeks. If the mother has worked at least 270 days in the last 2 years, she is entitled to a maternity benefit, which is paid at least 6 weeks before the birth (not earlier than 8 weeks before the birth) within 6 months of the child's birth. 

Paternity leave (paternal postnatal care) – the father is entitled to this if his name is stated on the birth certificate. Paternity leave corresponds to 7 days in relation to the care of a new-born child. The paternity allowance can only be granted on the condition that paternity leave is taken within 6 weeks from the date of birth of the child or from the date on which the child was taken into care. The date on which the father starts his paternity leave can be determined by each individual.

Parental leave – this type of leave may be granted, upon request, to a mother or father after the end of maternity leave or upon taking a child into his/her care and until the child reaches the age of 4. The employer is obliged to provide this leave under the Labour Code, but not after the child reaches the age of 3 years.

Additional holiday – employees performing extremely hard work or work that is harmful to their health are entitled to an additional week’s holiday per year

Time off to develop or gain qualifications needed for one’s job 

National holidays

Working during national holidays is intended to ensure the continuity of the operations of individual organisations and companies. If you work during a national holiday, you will be entitled to extra pay in accordance with the law.

State holidays and periods of leave for the year 2020

1 January – anniversary of the re-establishment of the independent Czech State, New Year’s Day

10 April – Good Friday

13 April – Easter Monday

1 May – Labour Day

8 May – Victory Day

5 July – day commemorating the Slavic apostles Cyril and Methodius

6 July – anniversary of Jan Hus being burnt at the stake

28 September – Czech Statehood Day

28 October – anniversary of the establishment of the independent Czechoslovak State

17 November – Day of Struggle for Freedom and Democracy

24 December – Christmas Eve

25 December – Christmas Day

26 December – Boxing Day 

An employee working on a holiday is entitled to extra pay under the law.


Text last edited on: 07/2020