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Finding a job

How to apply for a job


An application file in Switzerland usually comprises a covering letter, a CV including a photograph, copies of diplomas and certificates of employment.
The covering letter should interest the personnel officer sufficiently to induce them to take a closer look at your application. It must be typed and should not exceed one A4 page in length. State the reasons why you are interested in the job or the company as well as the skills and experience you have to offer the company. End the letter by suggesting a personal interview.

The CV should be no longer than two A4 pages and should contain the following information (if possible in table form): full name, address, telephone number, date of birth, nationality, professional experience and any work experience obtained during your training, general education (school, higher education and vocational training), knowledge of languages, computer skills, specific aptitudes and personal interests (leisure activities, clubs, etc.). Great importance is attached in Switzerland to diplomas and certificates of employment: describe your career progression, avoiding gaps if possible, and specify the Swiss degrees or other qualifications to which your diplomas correspond.

Another way of seeking work is to submit a speculative application, contacting an employer without knowing whether a vacancy actually exists. In this case, make your covering letter as specific as possible. It should be accompanied only by your CV. Certificates of employment and diplomas should be provided only if requested or should be taken to the interview. Prospective employers will tend to disregard speculative applications in the form of standard letters.


Text last edited on: 04/2020

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