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Finding a job

How to search for a job


Searching for a job in Denmark is not significantly different than searching for a job in other countries. Essentially, there are four ways of searching for a job in Denmark:

  1. Applying for a job listed in an actual job advertisement
  2. Applying spontaneously to a company that you are interesting in working for
  3. Entering your CV into a database, either at a job portal like, or at a private recruitment company
  4. Searching for a job within your network


About searching for jobs and interviews:

A job application should not take up more than one, clearly legible A4-sized page. You should always include a CV, describing your previous work experience, educational background, courses, expertise and hobbies.

It is also recommended that you include any relevant educational or training certificates and recommendations from previous employers.

The job application serves as something of an appetizer. It should describe what your motivation is for applying for the job, and give an impression of why your previous experience, professional qualifications and social skills make you the best candidate for the job.

Normally, you will receive a confirmation from the company, stating that they have received your application. However, it is only after the application period that you can expect a definitive response, after which you may be called in for an interview.

In many professional fields, they use different types of tests in the recruiting process, e.g. personality tests. Often there will be more than one interview.

At there is an e-learning course on looking for a job in Denmark:Make it Work in Denmark. The course consists of four modules:

  • 'Job seach in Denmark': On finding vacancies and compiling CVs and applications that will meet the needs of Danish companies.
  • 'Using LinkedIn in your job search and professional network': About profile optimisation, companies’ use of LinkedIn for recruitment and use of networks and LinkedIn in job hunting in Denmark.
  • 'Contact companies and succeed in your job interviews': About training in contacting companies and going to job interviews.
  • 'An introduction to Danish workplace culture': About unwritten rules in relation to, for example, hierarchies and equality, meeting culture, the value of punctuality, Danish irony and humour, social conventions and tone.


Furthermore, you are always welcome to contact the Workindenmark centres for advice and guidance.


Text last edited on: 05/2019

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