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Czech Republic

Finding a job

How to find a job



The EURES portal allows you not only to search for jobs imported from databases of the Czech Republic Labour Office, but also to open a My EURES account. You can also visit the Czech EURES portal on the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, where you may utilise the filters to search for vacancies offered by foreign employers in individual countries; there is also a link entitled ‘Hledáte práci v EU/EHP’ (Looking for work in the EU/EEA).

You may also visit one of the EURES advisors at the Czech Republic Labour Offices.

Czech Republic Labour Office

The Czech Republic Labour Office offers you several options on how to improve your position in the search for new employment. The basic possibility is to browse (staff can help you with this if you wish) a database of vacancies. In addition, the Czech Republic Labour Office offers, for instance, advice on choosing a profession or retraining opportunities.

Private employment agencies

When looking for a job through an agency you should check whether the agency holds the relevant employment agency licence. You will find a list of all the licensed agencies on the portal of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Most of these agencies have websites, where you can find out more about them. Employment agencies are not authorised to charge for their services.

Mass media and the internet

Web portals constitute a major source of job vacancies. Not only you can search for offers posted directly by employers or agencies, but you can often also upload your CV into the database so that it can be viewed by employers searching for workers. In most Czech national newspapers, there is a section that focuses on job vacancies. Social networks are another possible tool that can be used to search for job vacancies.

Direct contact

In certain situations, it is better to contact an employer directly, particularly if you are applying for seasonal or casual work in rural areas. Of course, you can also address other employers directly, either through their websites or their human resources departments. The overwhelming majority of employers require a knowledge of Czech.


Text last edited on: 07/2020

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