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United Kingdom - Yorkshire And The Humber

Short overview of the labour market


The Yorkshire and Humber Region is an area of 15,411 square kilometres with a total population of just over 5.3m. The Region includes the counties of South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, and the former county of Humberside. 

It covers 6% of the UK landmass, with one fifth of the land area designated as National Park, including the North Yorkshire Moors and the Yorkshire Dales. The Region also includes many large urban areas such as York, Leeds, Sheffield and Bradford.

  • There are just over 2.7m people who are classed as economically active, which is 77.6% of the working age population, compared to 78.5% in UK. 
  • There are 2.4m people who are classed as in employment, which is 72.9% of the working age population, compared to 74.5% in UK. 
  • There are 160,000 people who are classed as unemployed, which is an unemployment rate of 5.9%. Overall the UK unemployment rate is 4.9% 
  • The seasonally adjusted Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) claimant count figures for September 2016 is 76,603 This is a claimant count rate of 2.9%, higher than the UK rate of 2.3% 
  • In terms of qualifications, 30.6% of the working age population are qualified to NVQ level 4 and above, compared to UK rate of 36.9%. Across all other NVQ levels, this Region’s rates are above the UK rate. However 9.8% of the population have no qualifications compared with 8.8% for the UK.
  • Full time workers in this Region can expect to receive £498.30 per week compared to the UK average of £538.70. Full time workers receive an average hourly rate of £12.50 compared to the UK average of £13.59. 

Text last edited on: 03/2017

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