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Italia - Campania

¿Qué sectores registran un exceso de mano de obra?


As in the case of Italy as a whole, there is expected to be an improvement in employment in Campania in the initial months of 2015: the employment 'balance' in the region is expected to be +170, an improvement on the -900 of the previous year.
Specifically, there will be negative employment balances in almost all of the region's provinces, between -60 in the province of Avelino and - 700 in the province of Caserta. The exception will be the province of Naples, with a positive balance of +1 260.
Some sectors in the region are starting to show signs of a reversal of the labour oversupply which had led to many workers being placed on temporary redundancy benefits (Cassa Integrazione Guadagni). In the quarter September-November, use of temporary redundancy benefits was 18.7% lower than in the same period of 2013;
As a result, the over-supply in November was just over 18 500 'employees equivalent to full-time', 28.7% less than 12 months before: 11 700 in industrial production, 2 100 in construction, and almost 4 700 in services. Almost two-thirds of this over-supply is of a structural nature (with very little possibility of returning to the company); however cyclical over-supply has fallen by 55.4%, and this could potentially mean fewer obstacles to the recovery of labour demand.


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