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Italia - Campania

¿Qué sectores registran un exceso de mano de obra?

As the Region’s economic activity picks up, some sectors are starting to show signs of a reversal of the labour oversupply which had led to many workers being placed on temporary redundancy benefits (Cassa Integrazione Guadagni).

Accordingly, between April and June 2014, Campania is expected to record an improvement in its employment figures, with a positive balance of more than +7 000 people, bettering significantly the +3 600 balance of the previous year.

The employment balances are positive in the industrial production and services (trade and tourism), except for “construction” and “other services” whose slight negative changes concern “non-seasonal and seasonal” salaried workers only and exclude all the other types of employment relationships.

Most of the jobs for which labour supply continues to exceed demand are mainly those with low or medium vocational qualifications, belonging to the following worker categories:

- low-skilled construction workers

- teachers and other personal care service providers

- clerks secretarial staff and general service workers

- operational staff of personal care services and security and caretaking staff.

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