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Germany - Schleswig-Holstein

Where are the available workers?

The four cities/towns of Kiel, Lübeck, Flensburg and Neumünster, which all have district status in their own right, together account for more than a third of all unemployment in Schleswig-Holstein.

In September 2017, the highest unemployment rates and therefore a good supply of labour were to be found in the following rural districts and/or towns and cities:

•    Kiel (9.1%)
•    Neumünster (9.0%)
•    Flensburg (8.7%)
•    Lübeck (8.5%)

The main occupational categories which currently have an oversupply of qualified unemployed persons are as follows:

•    Building technology
•    Humanities
•    Photographic technology and photography
•    Teaching in educational institutions other than schools
•    Teaching in schools providing a general education
•    Site security, personal security, fire protection, occupational safety
•    Sale of drugstore products and pharmaceuticals, medical supplies
•    Editing and journalism
•    Event, camera and sound engineering

In addition, there is a large supply of labour for many semi-skilled occupations in agriculture; horticulture; automotive, aerospace and naval engineering; food preparation; painting, plastering, waterproofing of buildings, preservation of structures; site security, personal security, fire protection, occupational safety; sales; the food service industry; cleaning; event services; office and secretarial work; education, social work and inclusive special needs education and care; household management and consumer advice.

Text last edited on: 07/2018

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