Public Employment Services

The Public Employment Services (PESs) of the European Union/European Economic Area provide services through a network of more than 5 000 local employment offices with more than 100.000 staff offering services to job-seekers and employers.

While PESs are structured differently in each country, all share the same basic task of contributing towards matching supply and demand on the labour market through the provision of information, placement and active support services.


- Public Employment Services offer easy access to the labour market at local, national and European level to all job-seekers, employers and companies specialising in staff recruitment. To this end, they provide comprehensive and detailed information on available jobs and job-seekers, and on related matters of interest. They also offer a wide range of active services to assist in job searches and staff recruitment.

- Where sufficient vacancies are not available for every unemployed job-seeker to find employment immediately, and/or where job-seekers' skills do not fit in with market demand, or where other problems make finding a job difficult, PESs offer access to more comprehensive services to meet individual needs. They ensure that no job-seeker is marginalised by a lack of adequate assistance to find suitable employment, and job-seekers for their part are also encouraged to demonstrate sufficient and verifiable efforts to find employment.

- Enterprises are offered a range of quality services mediating between their needs and labour market conditions. By providing these services to enterprises, PESs also enter into partnership with employers to achieve the economic and social objectives of integrating workers into the labour market.

Partners in EURES:

Public employment services actively collaborate at European level to improve their services. They are partners in EURES in order to facilitate mobility across national borders on the European labour market and, as such, are key contributors to this European Job Mobility Portal.

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