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Slovakia - Bratislavsky kraj

Short overview of the labour market


Covering 2,052.62 km2, the Bratislava Region takes up 4.2% of Slovakia’s total area and is the country’s smallest region. It lies in the south-west of Slovakia, sharing a border with Austria and Hungary. The country’s most westerly point is the municipality of Záhorská Ves in the district of Malacky, which lies on the western border with Austria. The Bratislava Region is made up of 8 districts, 7 towns and 73 municipalities.


The Bratislava Region includes the districts of Bratislava I – Bratislava V, Senec, Pezinok and Malacky.

The Bratislava Region is Slovakia’s richest region. In terms of GDP per capita expressed in purchasing power parity, it ranks third among the new EU Member States (after Prague and Brno). It traditionally has the lowest unemployment rates in Slovakia and a large number of people from other Slovak regions travel there for work.


The Bratislava Region’s current population is 659,598 (as of 31/12/2019). As the capital of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava is the seat of government and home to various nationally-important organisations and institutions.


The Bratislava Region, and particularly the city of Bratislava, is a significant transport hub, especially for international transit. All modes of transport can be found here. Business activities in the wholesale and retail trade, and in the repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, are overwhelmingly prevalent in the business structure by economic activity in the Bratislava Region and especially in the city of Bratislava.


The region hosts the largest proportion of higher-education institutions in Slovakia. In the 2019/19 academic year, there were 12 higher-education institutions in the city of Bratislava with chancellors’ offices and faculties.


At the end of April 2021, the unemployment rate in the Bratislava Region stood at 4.99%.


The most active companies in the manufacturing sector include:

  • Slovnaft, a.s. – an oil refinery/petrochemicals company
  • Matador Group, a.s. – production and research (rubber goods and tyres)
  • Henkel Slovensko, spol. s r.o. – chemical industry products
  • Kraft Foods Slovakia, a.s. (Figaro) – manufacture of chocolate and confectionery
  • Rajo, a.s. - producer of dairy products
  • Volkswagen Bratislava, a.s. – automotive industry


International companies have a significant share of the labour market:

  • IBM International Services Centre s.r.o.
  • Lenovo (Slovakia) s.r.o.
  • T-Mobile Slovakia a.s.
    Orange Slovakia a.s.


The most important employers in the districts of Malacky, Pezinok and Senec are companies including: Holcim Slovensko a.s. in Rohožník – production and sales of cement, conveyed concrete and aggregate, Swedwood Slovakia (Malacky), Knott spol. s.r.o. (Pezinok), Metro Cash&Carry Slovakia spol. s.r.o., DHL Logistic spol. s.r.o. (Senec), industrial parks such as DNV Logistics Park Bratislava, Eurovalley Malacky, Industrial Park Lozorno, Logistic Park Senec.


The above-mentioned manufacturing enterprises, as well as international ICT companies, create the largest number of jobs and, along with the financial sector, are the sectors where employees receive the highest/above-average monthly salaries.


Text last edited on: 07/2021