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Lithuania - Siauliu apskritis

Where are the available workers?


According to the barometer of employment opportunities in Šiauliai County drawn up by the Employment Service, people in the following professions are least likely to find work:

administrative and executive secretaries, accountants and accounting professionals, archive and museum professionals, higher education teachers, librarians, data input operators, physiotherapists, assistant dental practitioners and dental hygienists, life science technicians, graphic and multimedia designers, junior social workers, bookmakers and croupiers, urban and road traffic planners, secretaries, sports coaches, business service managers, translators and interpreters and other linguists, lawyers, security guards, personal healthcare assistants, painters, service station operators, garment pattern-makers and cutters, florists, cosmetologists, hairdressers, food and beverage tasters, wood workers, butchers and fishmongers, dairy producers, tinsmiths, embroiderers and fire fighters.

Searches for skilled workers can be carried out in the ‘Talent Bank’, and for specialist and other job seekers in the ‘Senior Bank’. Both these online databases are available on the website of the Lithuanian Labour Exchange at


Text last edited on: 04/2020

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