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Lithuania - Siauliu apskritis

Where are the available jobs?


According to the barometer of employment opportunities in Šiauliai County drawn up by the Employment Service, people in the following professions are most likely to find work:

automation engineers, general practitioners, biologists, botanists and zoologists, accountants, chemical engineers, electrical engineers, financial and investment consultants, manufacturing workers and foremen, geologists and geophysicists, dental practitioners, specialist medical practitioners, pre-school teachers, managers of enterprises, institutions and organisations, information technology and communications services sales representatives, computing engineers, computer network specialists, mathematicians, actuaries and statisticians, electrical technicians and electrical fitters, animal farmers, toolmakers, metal structure manufacturers and installers, shop assistants, masons, printers, welders and heavy truck and lorry drivers.

Job vacancies are advertised in the press, on TV and on the following websites:,,,,,


Text last edited on: 04/2020

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