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Lithuania - Utenos apskritis

Short overview of the labour market


Utena County consists of the districts of Anykščiai, Ignalina, Molėtai, Utena and Zarasai and Visaginas town and covers an area of 7 201 km². It is the fifth largest county in Lithuania by size. The main industries in this county are dressmaking/tailoring, timber processing, commerce, transportation and the manufacture of food and drink. Its favourable geographical position and unspoilt countryside make the county particularly well suited to the development of rural tourism. Mechanical engineering and metalworking, the manufacture of construction products, textiles, knitwear and food products are industries that are doing well. The biggest industrial enterprises are in Utena and Anykščiai. Major companies in the county are the Utena-based Utenos mėsa, Utenos trikotažas (, Švyturys-Utenos alus ( and Rokiškio pieno gamyba ( and Anykščiai-based Anykščių vynas (


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