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Lithuania - Telsiu apskritis

Short overview of the labour market


Telšiai County is one of the ten counties that make up the Republic of Lithuania. It consists of the districts of Mažeikiai, Plungė and Telšiai, plus the municipality of Rietavas. Renowned for its architecture and legends, Telšiai is also the capital of Žemaitija region. Telšiai County covers an area of 4 350 km². According to Statistics Lithuania, the population of Telšiai County is 137 769. Telšiai County is located in north-western Lithuania and covers the northern part of Žemaitija ethnographic region. To the north, the county shares a border with the Republic of Latvia, to the west with Klaipėda County, to the east with Šiauliai County and to the south with Tauragė County.

The county has well-developed primary healthcare services and social infrastructure networks. The county is crossed by the A1 Vilnius-Klaipėda highway, the international transport corridor TINA (Vilnius-Šiauliai-Klaipėda) and the international railway line Minsk-Vilnius-Šiauliai-Klaipėda. The motorway and national road density is the highest of all Lithuania's counties.

Telšiai County is one of the richest in terms of cultural heritage sites, amounting to 1 749 (, The most popular of these is the Žvėrinčius recreational area, managed by the Telšiai forestry enterprise, followed by the Žemaitija national park and the Museum of the Cold War in Plateliai.

The county has well-developed industries such as textiles, arts and crafts and furniture production, and its economy is dominated by the food and oil refining industries. The county’s major companies, Žemaitijos pienas, Vėtrūna, Vičiūnai ir partneriai, Plungės kooperatinė prekyba, Mažeikių lyra, Vigesta, Mažeikių nafta, Ingman ledai and Pieno žvaigždės, are well known both in Lithuania and abroad.


Text last edited on: 04/2020

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