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Lithuania - Klaipedos apskritis

Short overview of the labour market


Klaipėda County is the only county in Lithuania with a sea coast. It is made up of Klaipėda City, the coastal resorts of Palanga and Neringa and the districts of Klaipėda, Kretinga, Skuodas and Šilutė. Klaipėda County covers an area of 5 209 km², and has a population of 318 664 Klaipėda City is the administrative and business centre of the county. Klaipėda County is located in the western part of Lithuania between Scandinavia and Central Europe. The county shares borders with the Republic of Latvia to the north and with the Kaliningrad Oblast to the south. Within Lithuania, Klaipėda County borders the regions of Telšiai and Tauragė.

Klaipėda County measures around 40 km from east to west and around 100 km from north to south. Its Baltic Sea coastline is 99 km long. The transportation infrastructure is exceptionally well-developed in the county. Klaipėda is a gateway region where transit shipments account for around 80% of total freight flows. Klaipėda County is famous for its water resources. The distinctive features of Klaipėda County’s economy are largely the result of the seaport of Klaipėda, which is the northernmost ice-free port in the eastern Baltic.


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