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Lithuania - Alytaus apskritis

Short overview of the labour market


Alytus County is the sixth largest county in Lithuania in terms of area, covering 5 425 km², and is home to 134 862 people. This county, forming part of Dzūkija ethnographic region, lies in the south of Lithuania and consists of the districts of Alytus, Lazdijai and Varėna and the urban municipalities of Alytus Town and Druskininkai. Its administrative centre is Alytus, the capital city of Dzūkija and the sixth largest town in Lithuania. The county shares borders with the counties of Kaunas, Marijampolė and Vilnius and with Belarus and Poland. Alytus County is the most heavily forested area in Lithuania and is famous for its mushroom-filled forests, its strikingly original architecture and its authentic folk art traditions. It stands out from the other regions of the country in terms of the wealth of protected areas, its unique countryside, cultural traditions, ecological balance and development of traditional industries. The county’s landscape makes it particularly well suited to the development of the recreational field. The region is an excellent base for tourists wishing to get to know the area or stay for longer periods.

The county has a well-developed transport infrastructure. The Šeštokai-Mockava railway hub (an international transshipment station) is of major significance, providing a European-gauge connection between Lithuania and the European railway network. An important railway line, which runs from Belarus through Marcinkonys and Varėna, connects the county to Vilnius.

Most of the economic operators in the county are currently in retailing and services. There is also a strong manufacturing base, including warehousing, manufacture of refrigerators and freezers, wooden windows and doors, pre-fabricated structural elements, furniture and plastic products. The largest industrial enterprises are located in Alytus.


Text last edited on: 04/2020

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