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Hungary - Kozep-Magyarorszag

Where are the available jobs?



1 846 vacancies were registered in December 2018 by the employment departments of the district offices of the Budapest Government Office.

Most vacancies were offered in the service sector, hospitality, the construction and retail industries, whereas organisations carrying out a public service mission were also advertising a significant number of vacancies.

The highest number of vacancies in Budapest in December 2018 (in a declining order of the number of vacancies):

  • freight handler
  • building electricians, electricians
  • simple industrial occupations
  • cleaner and helper in offices, hotels and other establishments
  • call centre operator
  • shop assistant
  • bus driver

Pest County

In the second half of 2018, more than 11 800 new jobs were published by employers in Pest County.

Over the past year, demand for subsidised jobs increased by two percentage points.

The following represented the majority of the non-subsidised jobs: mechanical machine assembly workers, forklift driver, product assembler, manual packer, freight handler, kitchen helper, shop assistant, heavy truck driver, shelf stacker, postal operator, massage therapist, tailor, locksmith, baker, welder, cleaner, chemical technician, cook, livestock breeder.


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