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Czech Republic - National Level

Short overview of the labour market


The labour market situation in Czechia is marked by significant regional differences. This is particularly evident when comparing the northern and eastern regions of the country with Central Bohemia or the capital city of Prague. The lowest unemployment rate as at 30 April 2020 is in Prague (2.40%), in the Pardubice region (2.53%) and in the Hradec Králové region (2.82%). Prague is strong in terms of investors and services, especially in the fields of real estate and tourism. The current unemployment rate in the Czech Republic as at 30 April 2020 is 3.4% according to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, which is an overall regional increase in unemployment compared to last year.

The largest employers in the Czech Republic are companies: Agrofert, Česká pošta s. p., ŠKODA AUTO a.s., ČEZ a.s. and České dráhy (Czech Railways).

As for the statistics on the employment of EU citizens, most of those workers come from neighbouring countries. Primarily, they come from Slovakia and Poland, but also from more distant Romania. There are also people from non-EU countries, mainly Ukraine, Belarus, the Russian Federation, Vietnam, the USA and latterly from India and Mongolia.

Total employment dropped considerably in the first quarter of 2020. A decrease in job offers was reported in the wholesale and retail sector, in the manufacturing industry and repair of motor vehicles. On the other hand, the demand for social and health care workers has been rising. Jobseekers in the 25-40 age group in IT, technology, administration, medicine, health care, and in legal and other professions are the most likely to be employed.

The long-term trend for employment abroad is in seasonal work, gastronomy, the hotel industry, auxiliary work, as production workers, warehouse operatives, such as painters, welders, varnishers, drivers, etc.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, the average gross monthly nominal wage per employee in the national economy totalled CZK 36 144, which is CZK 2 274 (6.8%) more than in the same period of 2018. This is approximately EUR 1 338 

(ČNB, Euro exchange rate as at 30 May 2020) per month. 

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Text last edited on: 07/2020