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Luxembourg - National Level

Where are the available jobs?


In 2020 the Top10 of jobs declared at the national PES:


1). Accountants

2). IT (developer,engineering, etc.)

3). Cleaning

4). Secretaries

5). Business and management consultants

6). Kitchen aid

7). Auditors and financial controllers

8). Concrete building

9). Defense and legal counsel

10). Analysis and financial engineering


While employment in 2020 has held up well in the Grand Duchy, there are, however, major differences at the level of the various branches. On the one hand, those most affected by the health crisis (Horeca, commerce, industry, transport) lost some 2,300 jobs between February and October 2020 (-1.6%, preliminary data). On the other hand, almost 4,800 jobs (+ 2.3%) would have been created over this period in the branches of health and social action, education, public administration, construction, professions related to information and communication technologies and the financial sector. In the fall, Horeca emerged as the branch most seriously affected, with a 4.6% drop in employment between February and October 2020 (almost 1,000 people). While working hours (which are the most accurate indicator of real activity monitoring) reached 93.5% of total paid hours3 in August 2020 (latest data available and to be compared to 95.3% worked a year ago), 'Horeca turned in August at only 80% (against 93% a year ago, with 13% in short-time working). Then comes industry, with 800 fewer people over this period, or -2.5%, commerce (-280 people or -0.5%) and transport (-200 people, or -0.7%). temporary workers, who were among the first to lose their jobs from the start of confinement, remain (at least until August, latest data available) far fewer than before the crisis (-18%). And this despite a recovery in employment in construction, which is usually the main recruiter of temporary workers. On the other hand, public administration (where employment had been boosted from May to August by the return to school in alternation), health and construction continued to create jobs.


Specific information on the qualifications offered in certain sectors is available on the following website, which allows you to download various brochures on the qualifications of tomorrow in industry, construction and public works and in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).


Text last edited on: 04/2021