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Germany - National Level

Where are the available workers?


In February 2021, there was a national average of 3.45 jobseekers for every notified vacancy. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment has increased over the last year and the number of registered jobs has decreased. This has affected the various activities and professions to differing degrees. The effects of the current situation have in some cases overridden certain long-term developments in the supply of and demand for skilled workers. The following are the main occupational categories in which there is currently a surfeit of qualified unemployed persons:

  • Aircraft piloting
  • Company management and board of directors
  • Facilitating and entertainment
  • Product and industrial design
  • Linguistics and literature
  • Arts and crafts, and visual arts
  • Event, camera and sound engineering
  • Phototechnology and photography
  • Event services, event management
  • Public relations
  • Building technology
  • Teaching in educational institutions other than schools
  • Museum technology and management
  • Publishing and media industry
  • Stage design and costume making, prop mastery


© Statistics from the Federal Employment Agency – February 2021


Text last edited on: 07/2021