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Spain - National Level

Where are the available jobs?


According to the SEPE Occupations Observatory, despite high unemployment rates, some sectors are performing well and, for various reasons, job vacancies are proving hard to fill. The causes vary: mismatch between supply and demand, skills shortage, seasonal fluctuations, geographical mobility or specific working conditions.


According to the INE, there were 74 346 vacancies in the second quarter of 2020. Of this figure, 87.1 % were in the service sector. Most companies currently state that they have no vacancies to fill in this quarter: hence they need no extra employees.


As far as qualified occupations are concerned, the highest employment levels in 2019 were in electronic engineering, software and applications development, multimedia engineering and telecommunications engineering.


During the months of lockdown, more positions became available in the tech. sector, where demand is now highest, together with positions for healthcare professionals. The need for these professionals is expected to continue as various production sectors go digital.


The agricultural sector specifically needs seasonal labour. The service sector has detected a shortage of care workers in institutions, specialist doctors and nursing professionals. Difficulties have also arisen filling teaching vacancies in certain technical subjects and in vocational training. Thus the production system as a whole requires qualified technology staff such as data analysts, computer engineers, technicians specialised in big data and IT security and business intelligence and data mining experts.


Text last edited on: 10/2021