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Where are the available jobs?


Accessing vacancies 

In April, 21 000 new vacancies were registered at This is 40 per cent fewer new adverts per working day than in the same month last year. Broken down into sectors, there were the most new adverts in health, nursing and care (5 200) and education (2 700). 

The only occupational group that had a higher number of new adverts per working day than in the same month last year was agriculture, forestry and fishing. More than 600 new vacancies were registered here during April, which corresponds to an increase in the number of adverts per working day of 126 per cent compared with April last year. 

If we look at the NAV’s own overview for which categories of position are most advertised on the NAV’s job portal in the period from March 2020, we get the overview shown below. 

The overview shows occupational category and number of positions (from March to July 2020)


9 940

Healthcare professional

5 192

Defence nurse

3 647

Shop worker

3 577

General teacher (primary school)

2 681


2 585

Salesperson (retail)

2 568

Nursing assistant

2 428

Nursery school assistant

2 402

Commercial cleaner

2 071

Case officer (public administration)

1 869

Educational leader (preschool teacher)

1 735

Driver class 2

1 553

Personal assistant (medical and healthcare)

1 532

Nursery school teacher

1 413

Social worker

1 404


1 373

Warehouse worker

1 345

Children and youth worker

1 299

Preschool teacher

1 169


Text last edited on: 10/2020

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