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Belgium - National Level

Where are the available jobs?


The favourable economic climate has led to a rise in the number of job vacancies in recent years.

The percentage of job offers (the number of vacant posts relative to the total number of jobs) has increased compared with 2017. The figure for Belgium is 3.5844% for Q4 2018, with businesses offering 141 700 jobs, which is a strong rise compared with the 133 600 job offers for Q4 2017.

In Brussels and in Flanders, the percentage of job offers is still higher than in Wallonia (3.33% and 3.9% respectively, as against 2.75% in Wallonia).

The majority of vacancies (79.6%) arise in medium-sized and large firms. Over the last 12 months, however, growth in the number of job offers has for the main part been seen in small businesses (firms employing fewer than 10 people).

This comprises largely temporary posts, hence the high percentage of vacancies (20.28%) in this sector. Nonetheless, in the last 12 months, the progression in the number of vacancies related mainly to permanent posts (+11.1% as compared with 2017).

The following sectors were the most dynamic during Q4 2018: ICT (6.47%), accommodation and HoReCa (6.32%), sciences and services (5.6%), real estate business (5.25%), construction (4.89%), transport (3.91%), commerce (3.84%) and industry (3.15%). It is principally highly qualified jobseekers who are recruited into these sectors. Certain sectors, however, are also hiring less qualified people, and are posting a high level of vacancies; these are mainly in HoReCa, commerce and transport.


Text last edited on: 04/2019

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