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Belgium - National Level

Where are the available jobs?


Since the Covid-19 crisis, the job vacancy rate (ratio of jobs vacant to total number of jobs held at a company) has been on a largely downward trend in the hotel and restaurant, finance and insurance sectors. By contrast, it has generally risen in the information, communication and non-commercial sectors. The vacancy rate for temporary positions far exceeds that for permanent posts.

In the first quarter of 2020, Belgian companies were offering 129 170 vacancies. This represents a 7% reduction when compared with the 139 420 vacancies being offered in the fourth quarter of 2019. The job vacancy rate is also down from 3.39% to 3.20%.

With 67% of the total vacancies in Belgium, Flanders is the region with the most vacant posts in the country. It is followed by Wallonia with 19% and Brussels with 14%. The job vacancy rate remains higher in Flanders (3.53%) and Brussels (3.17%) than in Wallonia (2.41%).

Large and medium-sized businesses have 5.17 times more job vacancies than small businesses. However, the job vacancy rate remains higher in small businesses (3.98%) than in large companies (2.79%).

More than three quarters (79.1%) of the job vacancies arise in five sectors: the non-commercial sector, the science and services sector, industry, commerce and construction.


Text last edited on: 10/2020

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