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This section is designed to help European employers to find the workers they need to fill their vacancies and to provide useful information about recruitment on the European labour market.

What can EURES do for you?

Europe offers many opportunities for employers looking for specific know-how. EURES can provide employers, in particular small and medium-sized businesses, with a personalised service to access the potential workers available in the European Economic Area (EEA).

If you wish to know...

...where and how to recruit workers / employees

Please use one or several of the following options:

  • consult the labour market information and statistics per country on the section "Living & Working"
  • look for CVs of suitable candidates and get in touch with them easily by registering for free to "My EURES" for employers
  • find out how to post your jobs on the EURES portal by clicking on "Advertise a job"
  • be aware of the steps to consider in the recruitment process by clicking on "Recruiting abroad"
  • know of on-going EURES information & recruitment events in Europe by clicking on "Events calendar"

… the rules and procedures applicable to posted workers

A posted worker is someone employed in one EU Member State but sent by his employer on a temporary basis to carry out his work in another Member State. If your organisation will need to post workers in another Member State, please consult the section "Recruiting abroad", checklist on what you should know BEFORE recruiting workers from abroad. 

...more about the EURES network and services

Over 800 EURES advisers are ready to inform and assist you on any matters related to the European job market. Furthermore, the Public Employment Services and EURES cross border partnerships in the EEA have often specialised services tailored for employers.

Please find contact details of

  • EURES advisers by clicking on "Contact a EURES adviser"
  • EURES members and National Employment services in "Related Links"

Please consult preferably the nearest public employment services and/or a EURES Adviser in your home country or cross border partnership region for any advisory or recruitment purpose.