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Revisiting an old friend: a day in the life

Adelaida Ures is a Spanish national who grew up in Switzerland, and now lives and works in Stavanger, Norway. Having featured in a success story on the EURES website when she first arrived, Adelaide has let EURES & You peek at a typical day in her new life!


European Job Days 2008: a big success

We round up the outcome of our most recent Job Days season, which took place all over Europe.


EURES turns fifteen

It’s nearly our birthday! 2009 will be a year of celebration on a European and local level, as EURES looks back on 15 years’ work as well as forward to a bright future.


Europeans becoming more mobile

According to a new study, almost half of all European have experienced labour mobility in some way. Find out more in our Briefs section.


Sweden proposes new work permit plans

Find out about proposed changes to Swedish immigration policy which would grant more power to employers in the selection of international labour.

Migrant forums: welcoming mobile workers to a new life in the UK

This issue’s Best Practice article presents an example of a locally-based migrant forum in the UK, one of many with which EURES collaborates to provide advice and guidance to EU migrants living and working in the country.

Attention, mobile performing artists in Europe!

We provide some pointers on where to start accessing the wealth of advice on the internet for performing artists looking for projects or work elsewhere in Europe.




Compare the projected population of each Member State in 2010 and 2050.


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