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Call for awareness

German Christoph Schmidt overcame discrimination related to his own work-related accidents and succeeded in building his own disability-friendly organisation – read on for inspiration


Support for mobile graduates

The new Eurograduate magazine offers advice, useful links and industry-specific analysis to new graduates, and this month has a focus on working abroad within the EU


Mobility by air improved for elderly and disabled people

New legislation improves access to airports and air travel for elderly and disabled people without extra cost


Rise in Norway’s use of foreign workers

The number of Norwegian companies employing labour from other EU countries has risen by 4% over the last year – a sign of things to come elsewhere?


EU labour mobility set to increase in next 20 years, says new report

A new study looks at the mobility needs and trends of the future, including sector-specific analysis


Barrier-free recruitment

How to make your interview process disability-friendly, thereby broadening the talent pool available to you and reinforcing supporting disabled workers in one step


How can I access disability organisations in EuropeWhat’s out there for me in Europe?

Many organisations are in place to help you, from online social networking sites for persons hard of hearing to the European Disability Forum



Find out how many people with a long-standing health problem or disability are in employment per Member State