General Presentation

Acting as a Nuclear Observatory belongs to the responsibilities of the Euratom Supply Agency (hereinafter ESA), aiming to provide the Euratom Community with expertise, information and advice on any subject connected with the operation of the market in nuclear materials and services.

Therefore, ESA aims to provide a wide range of information on nuclear market developments, as well as making reports on the EU market, average prices, total supply and demand etc. available to the public.

Through developing this web page the Agency is seeking to inform market actors and observers about the current situation, market trends and, where appropriate, to highlight any possible shortcomings in the future.

The information will refer, inter alia, to natural uranium price indices, including those calculated by ESA, to evaluations relating to the level of uranium supply and demand, and also to prominent events associated with the various stages of the nuclear fuel cycle in Europe and in the world.

* This information and the price indices are made available for information purposes only, and ESA can take no legal responsibility for the use made of them.